Weekend Readings

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I’m a community manager for a startup, so I have a feeling this blog might take a slow turn towards covering that area as well. This Monday was the annual Community Manager Appreciation Day (there’s a day for everything right? Speaking of… I also heard the same day was the National Pie Day, and the day after the National Peanut Butter day.. I couldn’t make this S*** up..)

Here are my bookmarked links to read this weekend:

1. Lessons From A Community Manager
2. Social Media Marketing: Measuring Impact For Real [INFOGRAPHIC]

3. The future of user interface design: understanding context & behavior
4.  Mega Drop-Down Navigation Menus Work Well
5. What Successful Products Teach Us About Web Design


Weekend Readings

The Paper Boy
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My friend Pete has a weekly post on his blog called Five Short Links that has become extremely popular.
I am not aiming for fame, but I’m thinking I should share those articles that I see recommended (and flying by) in my twitter feed, but don’t have time to read. So here they are, from my bookmark folder to you.
(Again, I haven’t read them yet, so who knows if they are actually interesting… I’ll find out this weekend)

1. Seven UX Best Practices of Community Design
2. Should Designers Do Personal Projects?
3. Column Five Media
This one I did check out. A portfolio of really cool infographics.
4. 20 Stunning HTML5 Websites, Apps and Games To Inspire You
5.  The #UX Design News